About Us

About Online Hearing Canada

Online Hearing was created by people who understand hearing technology, to provide state-of-the-art hearing solutions directly to the public at prices that make better hearing affordable to all. Our team includes technology experts, audiologists, hearing specialists and dedicated customer service representatives, all committed to providing you with convenient, affordable solutions to your hearing needs. 

About You

Sometimes you get frustrated with your hearing. Maybe you would like to hear better in restaurants or at a family gathering. Perhaps you would like to turn down the TV volume so you aren’t bothering others. Maybe you would like to enhance the sound of speakers in church or at a lecture. You are looking for something that will give sounds that little boost you need in certain environments.

About our Products

Our devices are highly sophisticated personal sound amplifiers, manufactured to medical grade standards using the highest quality components. The products are intended for use by people with normal hearing who would like to enhance their hearing in certain situations and hear soft and difficult to hear sounds and voices.