Your First Month of Better Hearing

If you are going to be wearing our hearing amplifiers for the first time, you may be surprised by some of the sounds and noises you will be hearing. After living without hearing many different sounds for a long time, you may find wearing your new hearing devices to be uncomfortable and tiring in the first few days. Over time however, you will come to wonder why you waited so long to do something about your hearing needs.

Here is a quick guide to making the transition to better hearing more comfortable and successful for you.

Week 1

You can stay home and adapt to the devices. Wear them for a few hours each day  to re-familiarize yourself with different sounds and to distinguish different sounds. Enjoy reading a book or chatting with family and friends in a quiet environment. Don’t get discouraged, stick to it and you will be rewarded.

Week 2

Get out and about visiting places that are not too loud or busy like a park or a walk in the woods. You will rediscover a lot of exciting sounds like birds chirping and leaves crunching under your feet. Try wearing them for a few hours every day.

Week 3

Start visiting public places like the shopping mall. By now you will be comfortable adjusting the volume and selecting different programs to suit your tastes in different settings. Add a few hours of wear time each day as you become more comfortable with the sounds around you.

Week 4

You are ready to go everywhere and do everything you normally do. Go shopping at the grocery store and have lunch in a restaurant. At first the sounds may seem overwhelming, but with time this will become your new normal as you begin to reconnect with the world around you.