Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our products are shipped from Toronto, Ontario.

Our devices are classified as hearing aids in most other countries including the United States. In Canada we offer our products as highly sophisticated Personal Sound Amplifiers.

It is always good to have your hearing tested before buying any hearing device, however it is not necessary. Our devices come preprogrammed to suit the most common form of hearing trouble and can be adjusted by the user to suit their personal needs.

Our products include the exact same components as a hearing aid including the same microphones, receivers and processing chips. The difference is really related to Health Canada licencing rules that are not related to the quality or effectiveness of these devices.

Our Melody, Rhapsody and Symphony devices are pre-programmed with three different programs to meet the needs of over 85% of people. Clients select the program that best meets their needs and can adjust the volume to suit their preferences in different situations. Our Harmony BT is a self calibrating device that will programs itself based upon the results a hearing check included in the smartphone app.

We collect your height and ender information when you place your order. This allows us to select the proper length tube and domes size to fit 80% of our clients. We also provide the supplies and instructions for you to change tubes and domes if you need to make adjustments to suit your ear size. It is really quite simple.

Our Symphony and Harmony devices have rechargeable batteries so there is never a need to change batteries. Our Melody and Rhapsody devices use standard hearing aid batteries. With a little practice and using the tools provided most people are able to change batteries as needed with little trouble.

No, all of our products are delivered by Canada Post courier service. Our support is provided by telephone, e-mail or video conferences.

We offer unlimited telephone support and can often resolve any problems clients experience with a telephone appointment. If the devices still don’t meet your expectations you may return them for a full refund.

Our products are assembled in China using key components like microphones, receivers and processing chips manufactured by Canadian and American companies.