OTC Hearing Aids Expected to Be Available in USA in Fall 2022

As noted in this recent Forbes article, retailers in the USA are expected to be selling Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids as early as the fall of 2022 as a result of the FDA decision to allow the sale of hearing aids to adults without a prescription plus the expansion of health insurance coverage under the recently signed Inflation Reduction Act.

According to this short video released by Dr. Cliff Olson, a Phoenix audiologist with a popular YouTube channel, OTC Hearing Aids will definitely offer lower-cost options to individuals with hearing loss but will not necessarily lower the cost of prescription hearing aids available from audiologists. Dr. Olson states that any drop-off in demand for prescription hearing aids due to the OTC market may be offset by audiologists raising prices for their products and services. He also states that many customers who purchase OTC hearing aids may realize that they actually require prescription hearing aids which will cause increased demand for audiology services and prescription hearing aids.

Latest Update as of 17-8-2022