Melody is so small it is virtually invisible to the people around you. Simple and easy to use it is ideal for who want a little hearing assistance.
CAD $ 799 699
per pair
CAD $399 each

Harmony BT

Allow Harmony BT to program itself for your personal hearing needs, or select your own preferred settings using the easy to use smart phone app.
CAD $ 999 899
per pair
sold only as set of 2 devices
  • Bluetooth Smartphone App controlled
  • iPhone and Android smartphone compatible
  • Performs hearing check and automatically programs to suit your hearing needs
  • As alternative, select your own settings to suit your personal needs and tastes
  • 3 hours for full charge, 20-hour battery life and low battery warning
  • Rechargeable Batteries and charging station included
  • Layered noise reduction reduces background sounds for better hearing
  • Adaptive Feedback cancellation eliminates whistling sounds
  • Four programs for different listening situations
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing needs
  • $895 CDN (sold only as set of 2)