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Melody is a tiny, easy to use device that will improve your hearing ability in difficult situations like restaurants and meetings or while at home watching television.
CAD $ 699
per pair
CAD $399 each

Harmony BT

Enjoy better hearing. Harmony BT can self adjust to suit your hearing needs or you may select your own preferred amplification settings with the easy to use smartphone app.
CAD $ 899
per pair
sold only as set of 2 devices
  • Bluetooth Smartphone App controlled
  • iPhone and Android smartphone compatible
  • Performs hearing check and automatically programs to suit your hearing needs
  • As alternative, select your own settings to suit your personal needs and tastes
  • 3 hours for full charge, 20-hour battery life and low battery warning
  • Rechargeable Batteries and charging station included
  • Layered noise reduction reduces background sounds for better hearing
  • Adaptive Feedback cancellation eliminates whistling sounds
  • Four programs for different listening situations
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing needs
  • $895 CDN (sold only as set of 2)

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