IMPORTANT: Our Melody and Harmony hearing devices are NOT hearing aids.

Accessories Bundle for Melody / Harmony BT (6 months supply)

This package includes 2 tubes and 4 domes except it will only include 2 zip domes if that dome style is chosen.

Note that you can determine the size of your current tubes in two different ways:

  1. Based on the blue or red code written on the portion of the tube where the dome is attached. If the writing is too small for you to read, use a magnifying glass or use your phone to take a close-up photo of the code as shown in the 3rd photograph in the product gallery.
  2. By using a ruler to measure the distance from the base of the dome portion of the tube (where it meets concha lock) to the inside of the portion of the tube that attaches to the hearing device as shown in the 4th photograph in the product gallery and referring to the size table below. Note that the tube in the photograph is a short tube as the distance is exactly 2cm or 20mm.
    • Short (20mm, red or blue code 1B)
    • Medium (24mm, red or blue code 2B)
    • Long (28mm, red or blue code 3B)

All bundles sold at: CAD $29.95


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