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When you use any of our services or send us emails, text messages, or other communications from your desktop or mobile device, you may be communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically, such as emails, texts, or notices and messages on this site. You agree that all communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

No Professional Advice

Any information provided to you via this website or otherwise by Online Hearing Canada and its employees or agents is for informational purposes or general guidance only and does not constitute medical or other professional advice. When you purchase a hearing device from Online Hearing Canada you are deemed to have agreed to the Medical Waiver found elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.

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Reviews and Comments

Our website offers you the ability to post comments related to your experience with our products and services. By doing so, you grant Online Hearing Canada the right to use your comments on our website and in other marketing materials including the name that you use to submit the comments. We are under no obligation to post your comments on our website and we reserve the right to remove or edit your comments for any reason.


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You agree to hold Online Hearing Canada and all affiliated parties harmless from any damage, loss, tort, cost or expense including legal fees incurred in connection with any claim brought or asserted against any of the Indemnified Parties arising from or related to your use of the website or our products and services.


We attempt to ensure that the information on the website is accurate and complete, however this information may contain errors, omissions and inaccuracies. We assume no liability for such errors or omissions and we reserve the right to revoke any offer stated on the website and to make changes to the prices and product information provided on the website. We also do not represent or warrant that the website will be uninterrupted or secure.

Medical Waiver

When purchasing a hearing device from the website, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older and that you have been advised by Online Hearing Canada that your best health interest would be served if you had a medical evaluation by a licensed physician (preferably a physician who specializes in diseases of the ear) before purchasing a hearing device. It is also recommended that an Otoscopic exam is performed before the purchase.

If you have or think you may have any of the following conditions, Online Hearing Canada advises you to consult promptly with your physician (preferably an ear specialist) prior to purchase:

  • Visible deformity of the ear
  • Fluid or drainage from the ear within the past 90 days
  • Sudden, rapidly progressing, or fluctuating hearing loss
  • Spells of acute or chronic dizziness
  • Hearing loss only on one side that worsened in the past 90 days
  • Ear canal blockage, a lasting ear infection or a plugged-up fullness feeling
  • Excessive wax buildup, or a history of excessive wax buildup
  • Pain or discomfort in the ear
  • Ringing in one or both ears within last 90 days

You are purchasing a hearing device based upon the information you have submitted to Online Hearing Canada. Any examination or representation made by Online Hearing Canada or our staff in connection with the practice of dispensing, fitting, or dealing in hearing devices is not an examination, diagnosis, or prescription by a person licensed to practice medicine and, therefore, must NOT be regarded as medical opinion or advice. Our devices will NOT restore normal hearing, nor will they prevent further hearing loss.

Hearing Devices are intended to amplify sounds in situations that would be difficult for normal hearing individuals to hear. A hearing device is not a hearing aid and is not intended to treat hearing loss, although people with hearing loss may find their use beneficial in some situations. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure any disease or alter the structure or function of the body. It will not restore normal hearing and will not prevent or improve a hearing impairment resulting from organic conditions. Listening devices are designed for occasional use for amplifying and filtering sounds that are inherently difficult to hear. If you believe you have hearing loss, you are encouraged by Online Hearing Canada to seek help from a qualified professional. To protect your hearing, avoid having the volume at high levels for extended periods of time. Permanent hearing loss can result from high sound volumes.

By purchasing from Online Hearing Canada, you confirm that you do not wish a medical evaluation before purchasing a hearing device or that you have obtained medical clearance. You also agree that you are the person that will be the end user and wearer of these hearing devices, and that the reason for purchasing these hearing devices from Online Hearing Canada is for the sole purpose of personal use only and not for competitive research, resale, or any other reason.


You agree that Online Hearing Canada may terminate your usage of the website for any reason, with or without notice to you. You also agree that Online Hearing Canada may modify or discontinue the website and/or its operations with or without notice to you and that we will not be liable to you or any third party as a result of such modification or discontinuation.

General Provisions

You expressly agree that exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute with Online Hearing Canada shall be the courts of Ontario, Canada. Any cause of action you may have with respect to Online Hearing Canada must be commenced within one year after the claim or cause of action arises.


The provisions entitled “License”, “Indemnification”, “Disclaimer”, and General Provisions” will survive the termination of this agreement.

Notification of Changes

Online Hearing Canada reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore read them carefully each time you access the website as they may change periodically.

These terms and conditions were last updated on August 10, 2020.


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